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Things to try on a trip to Central Europe

If this was titled things you can’t try on a trip to Central Europe, this would have been a lot easier to write. Why? Because Central Europe has a mind-blowing variety of things to offer on a trip there. From Food to travel, sightseeing and adventures, a lifetime might not even be enough to enjoy everything Central Europe offers.

Top three to-dos in Central Europe

Let your taste buds explore with you

Central Europe means food and a lot of food. If you’re on a trip, it would be a shame to stick to grilled cheese and ramen noodles. Allow yourself to experiment and drown in the many tastes and cuisines Central Europe has to offer. From Parisian Falafel sandwiches to Belgian waffles nutty Swiss cheese and rich German beer, let your taste buds taste Central Europe alongside you.

See all there is to see

Central Europe is the answer to all your childhood dreams. Wherever you go, you will be amazed by the wonders you find. Austria has the finest architecture you’ll find in the region, all thanks to the centuries of Habsburg imperial power. Footprints of Mozart and Beethoven’s legacy are all over Vienna. Croatian coastal towns and islands are sights for sore eyes. The Czech Republic offers a variety of wonders as well, from riverside towns to spa towns, you can relax all you want here. Oh, and the scenery Switzerland has in store for you is not to miss.

Travel, travel, travel

Make the most of your European travels and avoid traveling by air as much as you can. Not only is it on the costlier side, but it will also rob you of the experience’s road travel has to offer. Enjoy Jungfraujoch, Switzerland’s high-altitude trains and water taxis in Venice. Bike alongside the canals in Amsterdam and go boating in the French Riviera. Do what you will, but don’t pause the fun.


Make sure to stay safe and keep basic painkillers and a medkit on you just in case.